The Benefits of Pure Essential Oils


Essential oils are often referred to as nature’s living energy. These oils are aromatic extracts derived from shrubs, trees, bushes, roots and seeds. These aromatic extracts are essential in the growth of plants. They are the plants life blood supply for good health and well being.

Researchers have discovered that when these oils are extracted and applied topically, as well as some taken internally (example, lemon and peppermint), they can calm, energize, purify, balance and rejuvenate the body and mind.

Some essential oils on the market that are labeled “pure essential oils”, are extracted using harsh chemicals, they are diluted, copied and produced in a lab. The essential oils that are used for an Aromatherapy massage should be pure, unadulterated, therapeutic grade essential oils. Emphasis should be given to the importance of using “Pure Essential Oils” as the skin absorbs these oils into the blood stream. The body recognizes the organic cells of the oils and can then use them to assist in the healing process.

If these oils are not organic, the body has to find a way to rid itself of them, because it recognizes them as toxins, thus creating more stress on the body. The pure essential oils are extracted without chemicals and use either a steam process or cold press, depending on the type of herb used. They have also been grown under a strict no pesticide and herbicide control.

As a Certified Aromatherapists we are educated in the science of how to blend the  Lemongrass Oil for massage. A perfect blend of essential oils for the condition at hand may assist the body to heal itself. These oils are applied along with a technique called European Lymph Drainage massage. The lymphatic system in the body is designed to remove toxins. It is known to remove toxins from the body through movement, by exercise or in this case, simulating that affect through massage. Therefore combing a very relaxing massage technique, with a blend of essential oils may help move the toxins from the body.

Our clients not only benefit from a great relaxing massage, but also from the essential oils that are blended personally for each individual. Usually the first appointment includes a brief consultation with the client, to determine the appropriate blend of oils for their condition.

The blend of oils is very unique to each individual in that they are mixed together as a recipe for lack of a better word. Each blend recipe is designed and scientifically proven to assist the body in healing.

The essential oils are categorized into three distinct characteristics. Top notes, middle notes and base notes. Top note oils have more of an immediate affect, the middle notes have a balancing effect and the base notes have more of a lingering affect. In perfect balance they are absorbed through the skin.

The oils are a pure live energy cell that unite with the cells in the body creating a perfect environment for the body to rejuvenate and heal itself. For a lasting positive effect the massage it should be administered at least once a week. This is proven to be a great holistic approach to stress management.